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Haul Multiple Temperature Payloads with Mobile Flex-Cool

Whether you run a catering business, food service company, disaster relief operation, or any organization responsible for transporting perishable goods, you may have a need for "multi-temping" – that is, to carry different products, stored at different temperatures, all in the same vehicle load.

For example, if you're a caterer, you might need to store fruit at 45 degrees Fahrenheit and ice cream at sub zero degrees. Or, in disaster relief situations, you could be transporting vaccines, food products, and ice, each requiring a unique temperature setting.

In these multi-temp applications, Mobile Flex-Cool is the most viable and affordable solution.

Mobile Flex-Cool's line of self-contained refrigeration units empower you with the control and flexibility you need to set the exact temperature, whether it's 41 degrees, 35 degrees, below zero, or whatever temperature a product requires.

And since Mobile Flex-Cool offers a wide range of sizes, from 5 to 242 gallons, you can select a configuration of two or more Mobile Flex-Cool units to best fit the cargo area of your delivery vehicles.

This way, you gain peace of mind that each of your goods will be at the right temperature, at all times, to maintain product quality and safety for your customers.

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Adjust temperature for each product, using multiple Mobile Flex-Cool units, without the typical temperature range limitations inherent to dedicated vehicle refrigeration systems.

Increase Revenues

Sell both refrigerated and frozen goods that can be transported in the same truck, at the same time, at a fraction of the cost of dedicated refrigerated vehicles.

Reduce Fuel Cost

Unlike conventional reefer systems, which are either powered by the vehicle engine or a diesel auxiliary power unit (APU), Mobile Flex-Cool is completely electric, minimizing your fuel expense and carbon emissions.

The Next Step

With Mobile Flex-Cool, you can be confident that your products will arrive to customers at the right temperature, which improves your odds of generating repeat business and reduces the risk (and huge costs) associated with wasted product.

But with the wide range of options to choose from, how do you determine which Mobile Flex-Cool configuration is best for the job ... and your budget?

Let's discuss your requirements to help you select the Mobile Flex-Cool unit that's right for your business.