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Ensure Health Code Compliance and Customer Satisfaction with Mobile Flex-Cool

If you manage a food service booth at a festival or special event, you're keenly aware of the health department regulations you must comply with to obtain a permit and maintain good standing as a vendor.

Although specific rules vary across the country, most municipalities agree that food transport containers must maintain required temperatures for a reasonable amount of time, prevent potential contamination, and be easy to clean. Then there is the challenge of maintaining proper food temperatures at the festival booth to minimize risk of contamination.

Mobile Flex-Cool takes care of both aspects – proper refrigeration in-vehicle and at the venue – with one system.

Each self-contained refrigeration unit takes only minutes to install in most SUVs, cargo vans, and straight trucks, and can be easily removed to switch between vehicles or for use on location at your festival booth.

And with an easy-to-use digital thermostat, Mobile Flex-Cool gives you control to set precise temperatures, whether it's 41 degrees Fahrenheit, 35 degrees, below zero, or whatever your product requires for a particular job.

This way, you don't have to stress out at your next event because Mobile Flex-Cool ensures your food will be at the right temperatures, at all times, for the health inspector – and for your customers.

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Gain Flexibility

Maintain cooling/freezing power, whether Mobile Flex-Cool is connected inside the vehicle or placed on location at a festival.

Comply with Food Safety Regulations

Ensure your food maintains required temperatures – during transport and at your events – to pass health inspections without the typical stress and hassle.

Attract More Customers

Give your clients peace of mind that the food you serve is not only delicious, but also safe, giving you an edge over competitors who still rely on traditional ice and cooler systems that increase risk of cross-contamination.

The Next Step

With Mobile Flex-Cool, you can be confident that your products will arrive to customers at the right temperature, which improves your odds of generating repeat business and reduces the risk (and huge costs) associated with wasted product.

But with the wide range of options to choose from, how do you determine which Mobile Flex-Cool configuration is best for the job ... and your budget?

Let's discuss your requirements to help you select the Mobile Flex-Cool unit that's right for your business.