Your clients expect food that's fresh, delicious, and pleasing to the eye for their guests. Exceed their expectations and earn repeat business with Mobile Flex-Cool. Learn more.


If you manage a fleet of emergency response vehicles or delivery trucks that support cold chain logistics for pharmaceutical companies, Mobile Flex-Cool ensures medicines maintain the right temperatures from warehouse through delivery. Learn more.

Event Venues

If you operate a food service booth at a festival or special event, Mobile Flex-Cool maintains required temperatures for your products, whether the unit is installed in the vehicle or placed onsite at the venue, to ensure health code compliance – and happy customers. Learn more.

Food Service

With Mobile Flex-Cool, you give customers confidence that your shipment will arrive at the required temperatures, bolstering your competitive advantage and reducing the incidents of costly waste. Learn more.

Ice Manufacturers / Distributors

The more delivery vehicles you have in service, the greater your capacity to respond to customer demand. Ramp up delivery capacity quickly with Mobile Flex-Cool, at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated refrigerated vehicle. Learn more.

Disaster Relief

Acquiring and maintaining a large fleet of refrigerated trucks strictly for emergency purposes can be an inefficient use of resources. Mobile Flex-Cool is the most cost-effective way to instantly boost your refrigerated transport capacity to serve in disaster relief situations. Learn more.


It’s critical to transport flowers in vehicles that maintain proper temperatures to ensure the highest level of product quality at delivery. But refrigerated vans can be expensive to acquire and maintain. Save your company more than $10,000 per vehicle with Mobile Flex-Cool. Learn more.

Ice Cream Producers / Distributors

With Mobile Flex-Cool, you’re better equipped to protect the taste and quality of your ice cream products to preserve long-term relationships with your customers. Learn more.

Multi-Temping Solutions

Mobile Flex-Cool offers the most practical solution for transporting different products, stored at different temperatures, all in the same vehicle load, to expand your sales opportunities. Learn more.