About MobileFlexCool.com

Your Go-To Resource for Mobile Refrigeration Systems

MobileFlexCool.com, a division of Espar of Michigan (www.esparparts.com), is the provider of Mobile Flex-Cool, a full line of ultra portable, self-contained refrigeration systems used for the transport and delivery of perishable goods for a wide range of industries.

Mobile Flex-Cool empowers you to convert virtually any truck, van, car, SUV, or trailer into a commercial-grade refrigerated vehicle within minutes, with more accurate cooling and freezing capabilities than conventional reefer systems, at a fraction of the cost.

And since Mobile Flex-Cool can be powered by your vehicle's 12V battery or by a conventional 110V electrical outlet, you're able to maintain required temperatures, whether the unit is connected inside the vehicle or used on location at a catering job, special event or disaster relief staging area.

Backed by Espar of Michigan's nearly three decades experience in vehicle cooling and heating systems, MobileFlexCool.com offers a dedicated parts, service and warranty department to help you maximize your Mobile Flex-Cool investment.

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